Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Simple Concept

For every reason that a person wants to learn a new language, there is a different learning style.  On top of that, most people naturally have multiple learning styles that need to be nurtured to grasp a lifelong form of learning.

This may sound like a nightmare for any teacher, but I believe that it makes a language teacher's job easier, so long as they consistently engage each of the five senses in their teaching curriculum.

I'm not here to teach Spanish though.  I'm here to reinforce it, to help you remember it from high school, and to struggle through the learning process with you.

This is a full disclaimer: I'm not fluent, but I can speak it it.  I cannot right a thesis paper on Don Quixote en espanol, but I can read a daily newspaper.  I may not be able to communicate with your bisabuela de Argentina, but I can communicate with Mexican oil workers.

Learning a language from a non-native speaker does have benefits though.  A native speaker normally cannot explain why you need to use the conditional and the not the imperative tense.  They simply know what sounds right.  Just the same as cultural taboos, may seem common sense to a native Spanish speaker,

Ten minutes a day is all I am asking you to gamble.  Ten minutes of a cultural lesson, an explanation of those pesky grammar rules, stories told from my bag of personal experience, and food.  Yes there will be food.

So come a long with me on this magical journey of learning!
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