Free Online Places to Learn Spanish

Learning a new language doesn't have to be an expensive activity. There are plenty of free options to learn Spanish that you can use so long as you have a device that can reach the internet.

Free online interactive websites

There are a ton of free online websites that can help you learn Spanish (or any language). Don't believe me? Google "learn Spanish online free". Go ahead, I'll wait.

See? There's a ton. Thankfully, I've already used...well way too many of them. Joining a new website is sometimes my way of procrastinating. The downside to a lot of free websites, is that a lot of the content is free, but there's also a lot that is only for "premium" users. 

That being said, here my favorites include:
  • DuoLingo - Completely free-no content locked behind a pay wall.
  • Busuu
  • LiveMocha (I use to like LiveMocha more. It's recently been bought out by Rosetta Stone)
Ask a librarian! Seriously, most libraries have a ton of resources available.

Local Library

Most local libraries will have some sort of language learning section. It can vary from one or two books, to entire sections. Now days a lot of libraries also offer items digitally, so you can check out books on your phone and computer. There are also high quality language learning software and websites that are available for free through libraries. Just ask a librarian!


The modern library! Using Youtube you can learn Spanish from native speakers all over the world. Of course, you do need to be careful. Just because someone can make a video about Spanish, doesn't mean that they should be teaching it. So if something sounds suspicious, double check it.


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