Best Spanish Language Spotify Playlists

Here are a five of the best Spotify lists to find music in Spanish (that doesn't sound like it should be played in a chain Tex-Mex restaurant).

  1. Viva Latino - Updated weekly - hot current music
  2. Exitos Mexico - Mexican hits - not everything on this list is Spanish language (it currently includes Missy Elliot and CeeLo Green) but it does show what is currently trending on Mexican Top 40 stations.
  3. Spain Top 50 - Chart toppers from Spain.
  4. Musica Folklorico - Ok, so these are older, but they're still worth listening to. They'll give you a chance to listen to Spanish in a different accent, and tend to have a slower tempo, so they make for great listening practice.
  5. Calle 13 - I just really like Calle 13. 
What's your preference when you listen to Hispanic music?


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