Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In the Now

Want to increase your vocabulary? Read more native material.  The articles in your text books are contrived out of vocabulary you pretty much already know; however, authentic material will have varied conjugations and vocabulary. You'll be surprised how quickly you can pick up what the words mean simply out of context.

Here are a few informative and light hearted articles from the last week.

La "app" Instagram anuncia su llegada a la web, ya no solo es para móviles -Instagram is making its way from just a mobile app to the online sphere by opening a site that can be accessed on personal computers and laptops.  This is a good article to pick up some Spanish technology terminology.

Los Huracanes del Norte If your interest way of connecting to Spanish is through music, the famous Mexican band "Los Huracanes del Norte" (The Hurricanes of the North) have released a new CD.  This is a fairly popular band and apparently they've picked up some new styles to add to their old school flair. This is a good piece to pick up a few colloquial music terms.

Sacerdote "pop" inaugura gigantesca iglesia en Brasil  This is an interesting article just barely touching on some of the friction between the Catholic and Pentecostal faiths in Sao Paulo. It involves a pop star, a big church, and buckets of holy water.

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