SoyDanielBos - a fun Spanish Language Youtube for Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Learners

A common problem for language learners is realizing that they know a lot of vocabulary, and they know a lot of grammar patterns, but still have trouble understanding native speakers and communicating naturally. 

The problem is that they know a language academically, but they don't know how native speakers utilize it.

A solution? Watch content developed for native speakers. 

Who is SoyDanielBos?

Daniel Bos is a 27-year-old woman from Mexico City, Mexico.

She is a Spanish speaking internet personality with:
  • 270k+ Facebook followers
  • 178k+ Instagram followers
  • 234k+ Twitter followers
  • 629k+ Youtube subscribers

She is most famous for her Comedy Youtube channel which started in 2013.

How to use the SoyDanielBos to learn Spanish?

  1. First of all, watch the videos, and try to enjoy them. 
  2. Don't freak out if you miss entire words or sentences that she says. Keep in mind that even if you're watching a fast-talking youtuber who speaks your native language, that you're going to have trouble picking up some of what they said.
  3. Slow the videos down to 3/4 speed. This will make it easier to pick up some of what she says.
  4. Watch the same video multiple times.
  5. Pause and look up words as needed (after you watched the video the first time). You may be surprised how quickly you can start to pick up the meaning of words just via context alone.

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