Sunday, February 17, 2013

In the Now

Are you looking for more native study material to increase your Spanish vocabulary and usability?  Then you are in the correct place, because it is now time for In the Now, where I search the internet for some of the most interesting news sources in Spanish.

A picture of the newly retiring Pope, or el Papa.

Here's an article about children who are raised in the US, but are of Hispanic origin, that return with their families to Mexico.  It's a different side of the story that is not generally told about the difficulties that they then face.

After the meteorite fell on Russia, they seem to be doing fine.  Probably because it was only, as they described it, "Un pequeño asteroide."

Have you wished that you could learn more about the Pope retiring? Probably not, but if you have then check it out.  Chances are knowing some Catholic vocabulary would be useful if living abroad in a Spanish speaking country.

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