Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vocabulary for Help and Directions

Do you have the vocabulary to find your way around in a Spanish speaking country?

When learning a new language, some of the most practical vocabulary and phrases to learn are what are called "survival phrases."  These are vocabulary terms and phrases that would be used in an emergency or while traveling.  In my opinion they should be learned before the vocabulary for pencil, pens, desks, etc.  Because much like the calculus you learned as a senior in high school, how often will you really use that.

Here are a few phrases to know concerning directions:

I'm Lost                                                     Estoy perdido

Can I Help You?                                      ¿Podría Ayudarse?

Can You Help Me?                                  ¿Puede Ayudarme?

Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?        ¿Dónde Está (el Baño/ la Farmacia)?

Go Straight! Then Turn Left/ Right!          ¡Vaya Ud Derecho! Pues Tuerza Ud por la Izquierda/ Derecha!

I'm Looking For John.                              Estoy Buscando A Juan.

One Moment Please!                               ¡Un Momento, Por Favor!

Hold On Please! (phone)                         ¡No Cuelgue, Por Favor!

How Much Is This?                                 ¿Cuánto Vale/ Cuesta Eso?

Excuse Me ...! ( to ask for something)      ¡Perdone! / ¡Oiga!

Excuse Me! ( to pass by)                         ¡Perdone! / Disculpe!

Come With Me!                                      ¡Venga Conmigo!

For a more advance directions lesson, check out this video.

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