Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Learning Spanish through Music

There are plenty of ways to learn a language quickly and efficiently, one of the easiest and most fun is to listen to music from the countries that the language is spoken. This helps with grammar, vocabulary, and cultural references.

Pictured is group Calle 13, a popular Hispanic group. Listening to music in Spanish can help students pick up on the language and culture quickly.
Source: Bridgez Mag

A simple way to learn a language is through music. Through a culture's music a student can learn regional phrases, grammar, vocabulary. There is also the possibility that the student can accidentally master a concept that they had previously struggled with.
Here is a quick exercise that does not require any specialized books or software, all you need is the internet and a pair of speakers. Plus it's a lot more fun than doing grammar drills.
One of the simplest ways to utilize music is through Youtube. Pick a song, and listen to it repeatedly. The first time that you listen to the song, just listen. See how much of the song that you naturally can pick up. Then listen to the song again while you read the lyrics, and next try to write the lyrics as you listen to the song. After you believe you have mastered the song in Spanish, then try and translate the lyrics to English.
Here is a song by a Hispanic rap group, Calle 13, No Hay Nadie Como Tu, it has certain political themes to it, but I absolutely love it.
There are plenty of other musical groups in Spanish to listen to in every music genre. From traditional Mexican ranchos, to rock en espanol, all a student needs to do is search a little.
A few of my favorite artists include: Cafe Tacuba (also wrote as Cafe Tacvba), Juanes, Calle 13, and Gloria Trevi. If you're a fan of Shakira, then check out her music from her earlier days. She use to sing exclusively in Spanish, or listen to mor Enrique Iglesias

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